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Willing to work with core grow together, hand in hand to take off in person!
Investment themes: sincere cooperation, create a win-win situation
China merchants area: major provinces and cities throughout the country

Method of cooperation:
A, distributors, building materials market to building materials shop operators in the market;
B, regional market, some famous sanitary ware brand agent or distributor (terminal customer must give priority to with engineering or wholesale), bath agent may apply for the Hong Kong four dimensions;
C, experience in construction projects, or build product channel can be independent of the individual or entity, you may apply for Hong Kong four dimensional sanitary ware distributor or agent qualification;
D, building materials suppliers and distributors, can directly contact the local office, to establish channel strategy partner.
Joining trader conditions:
A, 3 years experience in sales or marketing in building materials industry;
B, more than one full-time personnel responsible for the promotion and maintenance of the designated area;
C, there are shops or fixed place of business.
Four dimensional advertising support: Hong Kong wei yu to provide national or regional media advertising (advertising, according to company plans cannot ensure synchronous benefit all partners), and combined with the local building materials market situation, carries on the image planning and propaganda


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